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Recognizing connections and opportunities that escape the gaze of other disciplines.
– That is what drives us!

For many years, ERC Experience Research & Consulting has provided advice and support to many well-known companies as a research and consulting company with a particular focus on crisis and disaster research.

What defines us is a continuous link between science and practice, which we create with emphasis on a social science context.

One of our core themes is the scientific examination of the interface between people, technology, and organization. By looking at technological progress and the subsequent challenges from within the context of human experience, behavior, and action, we are able to optimize organizational performance while taking individual capabilities into account. 

As an international company, we operate from Austria and Croatia with partners and customers all over Europe.

We are happy and proud to follow a philosophy not limited by borders but defined by internationality.


Our services in the fields of research, consulting, and mental health - reliable, innovative, and comprehensive!

In the field of research, ERC Experience Research & Consulting is mainly active in the area of crisis, disaster, and security research and thus the detailed investigation of large-scale incidents. Here we are working with strong cooperation partners on innovatice solutions (see Experience Research). For our private clients, we offer research projects in psychology, economics, and market research – using both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

In the course of consulting your company, we support you in operational emergency management (see Experience Consulting).In the course of our specific approach with a particular focus on preventive concepts, we incorporate not only the essential elements of HR management but, above all, current scientific findings from the fields of sociology and psychology. That way, we are able to address your specific needs and challenges in the best way possible.

We look forward to collaborating with you.

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