FFG-KIras projects

The Austrian funding program for security research (KIRAS) of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions, and Tourism (BMLRT) supports national research projects whose results contribute to increased security as a permanent guarantee of a high level of livelihood and development opportunities for all members of society.

ERC Experience Research & Consulting is one of the constant project partners of leading and funded research institutions. Therefore, it can boast a large number of completed and currently ongoing projects

ERC as a sought-after partner in the humanities, social sciences, and cultural studies (GSK):

WatchDog (2016): mobile communication and multi-sensor solutions for security and risk management in outdoor and property protection (https://projekte.ffg.at/projekt/1698680)

DIGEX (2017): simulating the threat and damage potential of explosive devices at an urban scale (https://projekte.ffg.at/projekt/2743743)

Human+ (2017): real-time situational awareness for efficient migration management to ensure humanitarian security (https://www.kiras.at/gefoerderte-projekte/detail/d/human-echtzeit-lagebild-fuer-effizientes-migrationsmanagement-zur-gewaehrleistung-hu-manitaerer-sic/)

BeAware (2017): Threat analysis based on GNSS interference vulnerability in Austria (https://www.kiras.at/gefoerderte-projekte/detail/d/be-aware-bedrohungsanalyse-aufgrund-der-gnss-stoeranfaelligkeit-in-oesterreich/)

GIREKO (2019): Development of low-cost SDR-based interference detection and characterization technology (GNSS Interference Map Austria; https://www.kiras.at/gefoerderte-projekte/detail/d/gireko-gnss-interferenz-karte-oesterreich/)

NIKE-SubMoveCon (2020): Sustainable Interdisciplinarity in Complex Underground Operations (Subsurface Movement Control; https://www.kiras.at/gefoerderte-projekte/detail/d/nike-submovecon/)

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