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ERC focuses its research on the connection point of human-technology-organization with a special focus on disaster and safety & security research.

In the partnership with FFG, Austrian funding agency for industrial research and development, ERC focuses on the following activities (KIRAS program line):

·      Drone surveillance

·      Infrastructure safety

·      Disaster management

·      Natural catastrophies management and prevention

·      Human aspects and perception of safety-critical activities, risks and challenges

In the situations, when a disaster of any kind or an unforeseeable crisis occurs, it is critically important to not only provide necessary technical solutions, but also deal with the social side of the matter. For a successful crisis management it is important being able to predict and manage the behavior of crowds in the threatened area.

The work of ERC in the disaster, safety & security projects is aimed at research and understanding of human behavior in crisis situations. By combining technical solutions with our knowledge in social science, we, together with our partners, strive to achieve a maximum efficiency in management of critical situations.

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