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Power Mapping




The central service offer of Experience Research & Consulting is the support of organizational processes.  



One of the innovative methods developed by ERC and used for support and improvement of organizational processes is power mapping.



Power mapping displays organizational structures, processes, actors, goals and challenges on a company map, that is tailor made in each particular case. This bottom-up approach explicitly demonstrates company´s implicit and explicit life, allows to see an organization with all its up-to-date challenges, modulate a scenario of its ideal future, as well as identify the obstacles on the way to this future and ways of their elimination.   



The process of power mapping implies a high level of involvement of all actors: while ERC's consulting team acts as a moderator and consultant, participants from a company side are actively involved in the process of problems identification, elimination and discussion. Mapping of an existing organizational structure with all its existing challenges allows to bring the moderation process the closest possible to reality. While an active involvement of responsible players in the process of construction of company´s ideal future, makes the whole process highly interactive, alive and allows to find solutions here and now.      



Areas of power mapping application can be the following (and more):   



·      Change management processes that require the involvement of different departments;  



·      Customer relations improvement (application in the area of key accounting);  



·      Analysis of IT security issues (here - extended by expertise from the field of applied security research);  



·      Finding suitable structures for innovation processes (e.g. block chain workflow);   



·      Introduction to different creativity techniques   By using power mapping as our central consulting technique, which we accompany by an expertise in innovation, organizational and personnel development, together with our clients we find optimal solutions for each individual case.


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