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At ERC Experience Research & Consulting we provide our clients with consulting and research solutions by bringing together technological advancement with our knowledge in social sciences. The main focus of our work is to optimize organizational performance by bringing together three major aspects: people, technology and organisation.


By approaching technological challenges through the lens of social science, we find solutions that are not only technically advanced, but are developed with consideration of clients’ behavioral aspects and needs. By researching and incorporating behavioral insights into technological processes, we provide an opportunity for companies to target the right audience with a maximized reach output.   

Our consulting and research work includes, but is not limited to topics as:


·      development and evaluation of AI systems

·      support in the change management process

·      various risks and disaster management research

·      sustainable development processes

·      the composition of suitable creative teams.

We believe that digital solutions go hand in hand with the human factor – our strategies are therefore based on the interaction of people, technology and organisation.

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